The Coco Plum Vacation Rentals Team

Coco Plum Vacation Rentals was established in 2008 as a natural extension of the already successfully established Coco Plum Realtors. Providing a high level of quality service and care to clients and properties, CPVR's team strives every day to ensure current guests and owners are happy and potential guests and owners are treated with respect as they begin their vacation planning or property management services journey.

Jim Wiley, Broker at CocoPlum Vacation Rentals Jim Willey, Broker, Vacation Rental Manager

Jim is our resident expert on property care. Jim is in his natural element when he is hands-on helping owners maintain their property. From a guest needing help figuring out how to use the cable TV to an owner needing estimates for a complex repair, Jim is our go-to guy. When Jim isn't busy taking care of our rental properties he likes to fix and build things. Before coming to the Keys 15 years ago Jim "flipped" numerous homes in the Baltimore City area, doing most of the work himself. Having managed and maintained many of his personal properties, Jim knows the ins and outs of rental management and is proactive in keeping our owner's homes in tip-top shape. He is also a licensed real estate broker in Florida and is versed in the real estate investment arena having over 15 years experience evaluating properties for investment potential. His greatest role is as Pop Pop and he is loved by all his grandbabies.

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Phone: 410-937-4071