Scuba And Snuba Diving In Marathon Florida

Spanning from Key Largo to Key West, the Florida Keys are made up of the barrier island remains of ancient coral reefs and sand bars, including the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States - the Great Florida Reef. Each year, adventurers from near and far journey to the Keys to explore the reefs on exciting scuba diving excursions. Budding young explorers and those who may have yet to fully discover their "sea legs" may opt to stay closer to shore for snorkeling experiences, providing an alternative to deep water expeditions while still getting a little taste of that underwater world. But... did you know that there is a third option for exploring beneath the water's surface?

What Is Snuba?

If you're ready to graduate from snorkeler status, but not quite up for the burden of heavy dive gear, snuba may be just the adventure you're seeking! Snuba - which stands for Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus - is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. No PADI or NAUI open water certifications are required, and no experience is necessary. Discover intricate coral formations and wrecks as you glide alongside vibrant schools of tropical fish and sea life like rays, sharks, sea turtles, puffers, sponges, and more.

How Does It Work?

Snuba is safe, fun for the whole family, and easy to learn. After a simple 15-minute safety briefing, you'll be out on... or under... the water! Snuba "divers” breathe via a length of hose tethered to an air supply that floats on a raft at the water’s surface. During the experience, participants are never more than 20 feet from the security of the raft. Snuba diving combines the simplicity of snorkeling with the freedom and thrill of scuba. As far as gear is concerned, you'll require a regulator and weight belt - included with your guided snuba experience from professional dive centers in Islamorada, Marathon and Key West.

Is It Right For Me?

Snuba is less restrictive than scuba, opening the door for participation to a much broader group of underwater explorers. Snuba is ideal for a multi-generational family bonding experience, as it is well-suited to children eight years and older, active seniors, and even people with disabilities who may find scuba requirements and gear too challenging. It's an inclusive experience that allows you to "test the waters" of the Florida Keys without fully taking the plunge, so to speak, and it is a great preview to a first-time scuba experience in the future.

Finding Snuba In The Florida Keys

Local pros are ready to get you geared up and out on the dive site. It's important to note that all dive centers and dive shops are different, and not all will offer snuba experiences. The following locations specialize in diverse underwater excursions, including snuba:

From Snuba To Scuba

If you find yourself craving a deeper dive after acclimating to the snuba experience, scuba is a natural progression - and you'll find plenty of options for dive sites throughout the Keys! From the mellow reefs of the Upper Keys, to the Coffin's Patch in the Middle Keys, and straight through to the famed Looe Key Reef and the Wreck Trek in the Lower Keys, Florida Keys diving ranks among the best this side of the Caribbean. There are dozens of popular dive sites in Marathon Key alone with depths ranging from five to 35 feet, including Sombrero Reef and The Thunderbolt, a 188-foot military ship - all teeming with remarkable marine life! Local dive shops offer Florida Keys diving certifications and gear rental.

Dive Shops And Dive Centers In Marathon