Marketing Your Vacation Rental Online

Florida Keys

Our Commitment to Digital Marketing:
Currently Coco Plum utilizes the following digital marketing services to promote its business and website while gaining on the local vacation rental market share:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Google Ads
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

In 2018 Coco Plum onboarded a veteran marketing company, Blizzard Internet Marketing, to assist with our efforts in recovery after Hurricane Irma and to further grow our previous business. Blizzard offers us over 20 years of results-driven hospitality and vacation rental industry marketing experience and an entire team of professional digital marketers to review and improve our website presence and conversions. Our partnership with Blizzard is a testament to our ongoing commitment to quality business and marketing practices for the benefit of all.

Coco Plum’s Digital Marketing Success & Strategy

With a complete SEO Marketing Plan in place, Coco Plum has executed substantial adjustments to the site’s technical SEO elements, structure, keyword targeting, and depth of content, as well as begun to update and improve both the visual appeal and the functionality supporting the quality of its guest’s online experiences. Regular maintenance and upkeep will help us continue to maintain and grow our position in the market.

In addition, we have used the consulting resources offered by our marketing company to help guide us to improve our data tracking, analytics analysis and marketing efforts in Paid Ads, Social Media, and Email Marketing.

In the last 6 months of 2018, work completed has (in a year over year comparison):

  • Increased Overall Website Traffic by 29%
  • Improved Website Bookings by Nearly 30%
  • Expanded Organic Keyword Growth by Nearly 25%
  • Decreased Website Bounce Rates by 10% Across All Channels
Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how we work to market, advertise, price and care for your property below! Check out some FAQ's below sorted by category. Contact us with any additional questions.

Advertising & Marketing

You can literally expect guests from around the world. Through very aggressive internet marketing we obtain rental leads from Ireland, Finland, Canada, London, Sweden and around the globe. The centerpiece of our marketing is International guests tell us they feel confident booking with a professional company that has a polished web presence and the ability to accept charge cards.

Our properties are advertised locally at the Marathon Visitors center which has high walk-in traffic for last minute guests. Quality printed materials are displayed in numerous local eating and entertainment venues and the movie theater along with at local festivals and events.

We employ a very high staff to property ratio to ensure someone is always working to advertise your property.

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We are a Premier Partner with the Homeaway network. If you have any prior advertising that will need to be transitioned over to our control so as to maximize your income. Depending on the revenue we estimate from your property some paid placement is covered by Coco Plum Vacation Rentals. Most of our owners want maximum exposure and will pay for additional sites. We will evaluate your property on a case by case basis and advise you what seems best.

We have a database of past guests that we email specials to and have a high repeat clientele base.

If you have an email database we can get in touch with them to let them know we handle the property and also offer them a special or a perk to come and book with us ie. 2 free passes to the Turtle Hospital or bike rentals for the week.


Yes, prices need to be carefully researched and adjusted based on occupancy rates, the competition and season. We have full time booking agents that constantly monitor rental rates and occupancy and will assure your property is being rented as often as possible for the highest amounts possible. We cannot contact owners before we make a booking but rest assured, we have the experience to make sure we are getting the most the market will bear.

Specials are constantly being updated on our websites and by email to our customer database. We utilize a variety of ways to promote these and have had excellent results.

Absolutely, it is essential that we listen to our guests' feedback and comments on the property. We send our guests a survey at the end of their stay and ask for testimonials and suggestions on improvements. We are always looking for ways to be better.

The rental rates are adjusted 30 to 60 days out when we notice high vacancy rates.

Bookings & Record Keeping

Yes, our attorney reviews this every year to assure our owners are best protected. Current Terms and Conditions are posted on our website. Each and every guest signs a copy of them.

If you want to know each and every booking, our state of the art booking system will be configured to email you upon each and every reservation we process. Or, if you prefer you can look at our online availability calendar which is 100% up to date accurate.

No, unless there is a service request, we provide this as a courtesy to our owners. We believe you have the right to use your vacation home as you see fit. You will only see an exit clean and we require our staff clean after those stays. In rare instances, an owner may have excessive use and we may need to modify our agreement.

Each property has a binder with all of our policies, City regulations, community rules and specifics to the property. In addition, they can all be found on our website.

We strive to respond within 30 minutes, or LESS, for any inquiry received between 9am – 9pm, 7 every day of the week. We usually respond sooner to most inquiries. If they leave a phone number our policy is to call until we speak with them and email as a follow-up. Our relentless pursuit of guests will equate to higher bookings for your property.

Our goal is to exceed our guest’s expectations for their Keys vacation. We have found that guests check in at all times of the day and are tired from travels and prefer to go directly to the property. Our guests will proceed to the property and if they have any issues we go out and respond in person to their requests. We have four full-time staff members that live in the Keys and someone is always available to attend to our guest’s needs and requests.

We want our guests to feel special and welcomed. We leave a welcome basket of starter supplies for guests along with some coupons for free items like a slice of free Key Lime pie. This is one of the ways we try to provide a personal touch. Every guest also receives a welcome email and call from our staff to assure they arrived and the home is satisfactory.

Our owners enjoy monthly income checks typically ACH deposited before the 15th of the month. Trust us, we know all the best insider secrets to increase your income on your rental property. Our web-based booking platform generates an itemized, easy to read, statement for our owners each month. For the security of your rental income, we have implemented a multi-stage accounting system with an independent bookkeeping firm, CPA and the company owners overseeing your money.

If you have not received your owners' portal log in please email us for instructions.



The best offense is a good defense. So, we do our best to have our property in a condition that a guest will enjoy and not lodge complaints.

If a guest calls in with a complaint we always acknowledge their concerns, and then if their issue is something we can resolve we do so. For example, there are not enough towels; we are missing a cookie sheet etc. We send someone out with the replacement. Guests are always grateful for this. If something is not working i.e. A/C or an appliance again we immediately call a contractor out to fix the problem.

If a guest complains of something that is not a defect but that would improve the property we will share this with the homeowner so they can decide how to address the concern. An example might be the beds are old and not comfortable or there is not enough outdoor seating. These items we would let the homeowner know about to decide if they want to upgrade them.

Yes, we also thoroughly review the property before renting, take inventory, make suggestions for missing items and suggest a deep clean if needed.

Yes, we email the guest the day they arrive and ask if everything is to their satisfaction. Then 2 days after they depart we follow up with an email requesting a testimonial of how they enjoyed the vacation..